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Sand & Gravel

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  1. Sold by the Cu. Yard 3/4" Clear Gravel Features: - Used for drainage around weeping tile, as well as for decorative ground cover - Composed of crushed and round gravel stone and does not contain any fine material - Blend of grey, beige - Drains very well as a base layer and backfill product. Learn More
  2. Sold by the Cu. Yard Limestone Screening Features: - It is typical used as a grading base under patio materials - Sized from ¼” to dust (5-0 mm) - A grey beige blend of colours - Compacts well and is used often a leveling base for landscaping and patio stones Learn More
  3. New HPB
    Sold by Cu. Yard HPB - High Performance Bedding Features: - Base material for under pavers, that allows for drainage - Composed of primarily of ¼” limestone chips does not contain any fine material. - Light grey and beige in colour. - A self compacting product due to the sharp angular shapes of the stone Learn More
  4. Sold by Cu. Yard 3/8" Pea Gravel Features: - Comprised entirely of round 3/8” clear gravel stones - Does not contain any fine material - Blend of grey, beige and pink colours - Does not compact due to the stone’s shape and remains loose - Good for exposed landscaping cover and is popular for dog runs and children’s play areas due to the absence of sharp edges - Used primarily as a decorative ground cover. It can also be used for drainage Learn More
  5. Recycled Concrete Learn More
  6. Sold by the Cu. Yard Concrete Sand Features: - Used for making concrete or as a bedding for concrete pavers or patio slabs. Learn More
  7. Sold by the Cu. Yard Brick Sand Features: - a fine washed sand used to make mortar for concrete work. Learn More
  8. Sold by the Cu. Yard Sand Fill Features: - Unscreened sand that can be used for backfill. Learn More
  9. Sold by the Cu. Yard 3/4" Crush Run. Features: - Typically used as a base in applications for compaction. - 3/4 crushed gravel mixed with limestone Learn More
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