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  • Jonathan
    “I have order and reordered grass from mgs. I needed to reorder because so much sod died the first time. The second time I specified that I needed the grass cut in the morning and delivered in the evening. The grass was delivered in the evening but must have already been over 24 hours old even though they stated it was cut in the morning. 75% of the replacement grass is dead less than 12 hours later. I should say dead and smelled bad when I was rolling it out. There is no way to check anything but the top portion of grass when delivered and everything After the first layer was garbage. No refunds, no apologies, no value. On top of it all The driver damaged my driveway when dropping of the bin. I had a sod company come and look at it and was told I got ripped of twice. I guess the second time I am to blame? Bring your business somewhere else, somewhere that is honest and truthful about the product they sell. I bought a few rolls from Canadian tire (the stuff sitting on skids in the sun) and it took no problem and still looks healthy today. So mgs' excuses and blaming it on weather and me falls on deaf ears. ” 
    Jonathan July 12, 2024