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Interlock Pavers

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  1. The Mondrian Plus 60 slab provides the texture of cut, chiseled and bright coloured natural stone, and can be used to bring to patios, terraces and pathways to life. The Mondrian Plus 60 slab blends nicely with the Mondrian Plus 80 paver to create a fluid transition between the front yard and backyard. Colours: Rockland Black Range Margaux Beige Range Amboise Beige Range Scandina Grey Range Norvick Grey Range Penfield Grey Range Laurentia Grey Range Newport Grey Learn More
  2. New Melville 60 Slab Melville 60 Slab
    SPECIAL PRICE ONLY ONE SKID LEFT (111.96SQFT) NEW COLOUR - NORVICK GREY Melville 60 slabs ensure perfect continuity between front and backyards. With a smooth texture, sharp edges and modern colours, they help create a clean landscaping effect that highlights the material’s natural appearance. Mega-Melville slabs, for their part, are perfect for arranging large spaces in a checkerboard or Japanese path pattern. Learn More
  3. Myriaz Sold by the full cubes only. 106.20 sqft per cube. Available in 3 colours: - conestoga buff blend - granite blend - dawson grey blend Learn More
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